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Volunteers Needed


The Pusat attracts visitors and volunteers from all walks of life college students, corporate bodies, religious groups, humanitarian aid groups ... the list is endless. All are impressed by the cleanliness and level of care given. Students from Mara & MAHSA do their practical training in occupational and physiotherapy at the Pusat.


However, the Pusat children, like us, are in need of love and attention, education and entertainment. The Pusat is constantly looking out for volunteers who are willing to spend some of their own precious time each week to:

  • coach the normal but underprivileged in their school work

  • organize educational activities

  • organize music classes (Piano, Guitar & etc.)

  • organize sports activities

  • organize art classes, sewing classes etc


If you can provide any of the above, you can bring countless joy to all of them.

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